Ayurvedic THAI MASSAGE, SomaVeda Level Two DVD

"Level Two, Ayurvedic Thai Massage" NEW DVD!!

This is the companion DVD to first book published in the english language. Written and published by Aachan and Master Instructor Dr. Anthony James DM(P), ND, MD(AM). It is still the most exhaustive resource on the oldest and most traditional source of Thai Style Yoga and Massage, The Buddhai Sawan & Wat Po Styles. All other forms of Thai Body work are derivatives of these systems. The DVD is the actual practical teaching and method in our famous "Ayurvedic Thai Massage, SomaVeda™ Level Two Course" It contains demonstrations of all five attitudes of the body, i.e. Supine Position, Side Lying Position, Prone Position, Abdominal and Leg Stretching Position and the Seated Position and all 105 therapeutic asana in the Southern Style Thai Yoga Vinyasa flow.. Perfect for Advanced practitioners seeking a solid review and digital practice partner. All demonstrations are by Aachan James.

This material represents the personal study and apprenticeship of Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James under two living legends and traditional Grand Masters of Traditional Thai Medicine and Thai Yoga... Phaa Khruu Samaii Mesamarn of the Buddhai Sawan School and Aachan Boontum Kitniwan of the Wat Po school. Aachan James was certified to teach in these traditions in 1984. Currently he is Director of Education, Lead Teacher, Chief Medicne Man and Director of Clinical Medical Services at the Thai Yoga Center and out reach minimstry of the Native American Indigenous Church.

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Sound Track and Music and ambient tracks are provided by "Prior World" one of the finest New Age/ World Music sources. Incredible and easy to practice to. DVD format allows infinate review and speed to suit where your. You can also play straight through and follow along $55.00


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Ayurvedic THAI MASSAGE, SomaVeda Level Two DVD
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