Blind Thai Yoga with Aachan Tawee DVD

The Blind Yoga Massage of Thailand. An intro to one of the worlds special healing arts. Indigenous Thai Traditional Medicine, Thai Traditional Thai Yoga/ Traditional Thai Massage performed by the blind has been a unique tradition in Thailand for a thousand years. A Master Teacher in the Wat Sawankhalok religious therapeutic tradition and School for the blind, Aachan Tawee demonstrates the basic work. See this rare and unique style of Thai Yoga clearly demonstrated for western students. A two DVD boxed set! The two dvd's contain Master Tawee's full demonstration from beginning to end of the traditional hands on, taught and practiced at The School for the Blind in Sawankhalok Thailand. Sawankhalok is famous both for its famous Celedon pottery and it's Blind Massage tradition. © Anthony B. James 2008, ISBN:  978-1-886338-20-3


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Blind Thai Yoga with Aachan Tawee DVD
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