Bundle & Save! Thai Acupressure Massage Feet, Hands & Face Set

New! Thai Acupressure Massage
Feet, Hands & Face for the Mat and the Table

Learn the techniques for providing a complete Thai acupressure massage for the feet, hands, and face; also a Thai reflexology balancing treatment for the feet and hands, all on a traditional Thai mat. Aachan, Dr. Anthony James DM(P), ND, MD(AM), SMOKH, the top instructor in the United States, walks you step by step through the procedures. With the massage, you can help balance energy, bring a nurturing awareness to the client, and enhance circulation, including arterial/venous and lymphatic. The reflexology treatments likewise offer rejuvenating benefits from increased circulation. The treatments will help correct dehydration, edema, swelling of the joints, and lack of motion. The other benefit of reflexology is the hands and feet map to other parts of the body, so you also balance the organs, promote circulation, and balance the chakras and energy lines throughout with reflexology. Learn both Mat and Table Applications.

5 Hrs.


Learn SomaVeda® Thai Yoga. Come to the Source!

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