Kabri-Kabrong, The Tiger Sword Of Thailand

The Tiger Sword of Thailand!

The martial arts of Thailand have come to be known as the most exciting and most effective in the whole world. The interest in "Thai Boxing" is an excellent example of this. Thai Boxing has revolutionized the way martial arts are taught and practiced everywhere today. Thai Boxers have set a new world standard for discipline and conditioning second to none. The Thai Weapons system of Kabri-Kabrong brings a whole new dimension of variation, conditioning and combat martial arts applications.

They are especially significant because of the spiritual discipline inherent in their tradition. What most people do not understand is that Thai Boxing is considered by the Thai to be a sport "Safe for babies!" A sport derived from the real martial arts tradition of thailand, Kabri-Kabrong and the Thai Sword! This is the art of the kings bodyguards for seven hundred years. This book is the only authentic text on the subject published in the english language. Do to the serious nature of this material it cannot be sold to persons under the age of eighteen. It is NOT available in bookstores!

This book is written and illustrated by one of the very first western apprentices to be certified as a Khruu or Instructor under Grand Master Phaa Khruu Samaii Mesamarn, Anthony B. James.  Dr. James is one of ten United States Muay Thai Association recognized Gold Sash or Master teachers of Thai Traditional weapons systems. ISBN 1-886338-09-4 $ 37.00 140 pgs.

Kabri-Kabrong, The Tiger Sword Of Thailand
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