Legal Guidelines / Jurisprudence and Business Ethics Home Study

Legal Guidelines / Jurisprudence and Business Ethics  Home Study

Of paramount importance for all practitioners is to have a safe, legally-protected, practice. As a service provider, one is subject to laws and one may be sued by unhappy clients. Dr Wilson provides background on our legal system as well as occupational laws and how they affect holistic health practitioners. (interesting reading for those already in the field) The course covers many topics that will help make you and your practice less subject to legal difficulties. Among these are words to use and words to avoid, how you present yourself and how to talk. Others are disclaimer, disclosure and consent statements, including sample forms you can use in your practice. Other topics are membership organizations, ministry programs, statutory and constitutional safeguards, as well as the Ninth Amendment. Successful completion of eighty percent or higher the student shall receive a certificate with our gold embossed seal. This home study course includes all textbooks, workbook and study guides as well as written test and grading. Additionally, personal guidance and counseling is available to students in this course. Accredited NCBTMB, ONACS, IANH, Suitable for credit towards all professional certification programs at The SCNM: Thai Yoga Center. (20 hours CEU)

Legal Guidelines / Jurisprudence and Business Ethics  Home Study
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