Lines, Wheels, Points and Remedies

Lines, Wheels, Points and Remedies

Learn Thai Yoga Theory and principles today!

Comprehensive theory and philosophy behind SomaVeda® and Thai Traditional Medicine , Thai Traditional Massage. Classic Thai Yoga and Ayurvedic Medical Theory and practice are covered in detail. Included are complete references to the traditional Vedic Medical cosmology, Theory of Sen or Energy Lines, Theory of Dosha, Winds, Bodytypes and Chakra theory. You also find here specific Thai Style treatment protocols.

Find included many charts and diagrams to assist you in visualizing these useful principles.

This is currently the only book exclusively available, written by a Master devoted to Thai Traditional Massage, Traditional Thai Yoga, Ayurveda and SomaVeda® Medical Theory and Principles. A textbook used in training for professional Thai Yoga Style Therapist this is also a useful and fascinating look into SomaVed® Thai Yoga principles for the lay practitioner as well. Recently updated. There are many original illustrations making this text easy to follow.

Newly updated!

Written and published by Aachan and Master Instructor Dr. Anthony DM(P), ND, MD(AM). Dr. J is currently the Director of Education at the oldest and largest Thai Yoga annd Thai Massage training program in the US, The NAIC/ SCNM: The Thai Yoga Center. This course gives special insight into one of the oldest and most traditional source of Thai Style Yoga and Massage, Classic Indian Ayurveda, The Buddhai Sawan, Wat Po and Anantasuk Styles. All other forms of Thai Traditional Massage and or Body work are derivatives of these systems.

The book is written ISBN 1-886338-08-6 $ 47.00. 140 pgs.

Lines, Wheels, Points and Remedies
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