Lines, Wheels and Points PodCast Series

Seventeen amazing lectures by Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM) of the material presented in the Lines, Wheels and Point Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Traditional Massage/ Thai Yoga theory class and text book. The lectures explain everything and more you need to know about the fundamentals of SomaVeda® Thai Yoga theory, practice and classic assessments. More than 20 hours and live lecture from a full professional Thai Yoga, Thai Massage and Nuad Boran Practitioner Certification Program. Mp3 format can be played on any computer and loaded on to your Ipod as well!

We are offering all seventeen lectures in Mp3 format pre loaded on a 4 Gig USB portable Flash/ Jump Drive ($25.00 Value!) together for the low price of only $150.00!

Simply plug the Flash Drive into any available USB port on your computer and either play or transfer to the device of your choosing!

Whats covered in the lectures?

What is Thai Yoga?

What are the origins and influences that make up Thai Yoga Techniques and Theory.

The SomaVeda Thai Yoga Noble Eight Fold Path

Samkhya Principles and Thai Ayurveda Cosmology

The Seven Branches of Thai Traditional Medicine

The Origins of the Body (Koshas)

The Five Ayurvedic Dhatu (Elements)

The Four Thai Elements (Thaat Thang Sii)

Generative and Controlling Cycles of Elements

Five Elements in the Body

The Five Senses and Sense Aggregates

Assessment of Dhatu and Body Type

Three Dosha or Three Ayurvedic Body Types

Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Functions of Tri-Dosha

Shared Attributes of Dosha

Determining Basic Constitutional Types

Treatment emphasis for balancing sessions

Traditional ideas for managing Dosha imbalance

The Matrix or Light Body

The Sen Lines/ Thai Prana Nadi

Introduction to Theory of Chakra, Lom and Marma

Basic of Korosot Chakra Astrology

And so much more!

Valuable to Thai Yoga Practitioners and students. Invaluable to those wanting to teach. Get the theory and assessment knowledge you need to be effective today.

Highly recommended companion to the popular "Lines, Wheels and Points" Thai Yoga and Thai Massage theory textbook.


Please specify WIN or Mac OS for Jump Drive Formating!

For more information on SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Professional Certificate programs visit our physical school website at ThaiYogaCenter.Com

For recent scientific articles on Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Traditional Massage visit ThaiMassage.Com

Aachan James teaches Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Theory
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