Illustrated ultimate Chakra Poster, an exhaustive reference chart for Chakra system with 52 different correlations for each Chakra! Used for SomaVeda assessment and Chakra Korosot Astrology.

More of a complete reference than any one book on the subject available today. Consider, that on this large and attractive archival, acid free, parchment poster, that there are over fifty two different correlations to the seven primary chakras. This chart took over two years of research and contains information only found on the original Indian and Tibetan manuscripts!

Compare this to the simple ten to twelve or thirteen correlations given in other texts. Not just a little information on colors or sounds, this work of art gives you the BIG PICTURE! Correlations and classic references from eight different disciplines of Yoga as well as modern eclectic views are profusely illustrated.

This poster contains all the information used for the Chakra Energy and personal life assessments taught in our live courses. With this chart you can do the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Chakra assessments and the Chakra Korosot Astrology!

You are likely to spend hours just taking it all in. Attractive and certainly worth framing. Printed on genuine Astr-Parchment Acid Free paper with all natural non toxic ink. Perfect for your home or professional office. $9.95 Beautiful, Archival, Acid Free paper, Large 36" by 42" Parchment Poster.

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