The Ultimate Thai Massage Video: Basic Table Techniques

New! The Ultimate Thai Table Massage Video

Basic Table Techniques

Learn the therapeutic techniques for providing Thai massage on the massage table. Dr. Anthony James, DM(P), ND, MD(AM), the top instructor in the United States, walks you step-by-step though a demonstration of a complete basic routine adapted for the table. Beginning with Puja (affirmation), Dr. James demonstrates techniques in the traditional Five Attitudes/Postures: Supine, Side Lying, Prone, Abdomen and Leg Stretching, and Seated. Includes over 19 basic asanas or therapeutic postures. Techniques include gentle rocking; deep stretching; striking; kneading; pinching and rolling; pulling, rotations, and rhythmic compression with thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet. For a solid understanding of Thai massage, Dr. James discusses benefits and contraindications, origins of Thai massage, different styles (the Southern Royal Method, Northern Style, and Buddhai Sawan School), Ayurvedic anatomy (the primary Chakras and Sen lines), client assessment, and room set-up. Throughout, he also addresses balance vs. structural corrections; steps emulating energy flow; 10 key points for balance; working on position, attitude, relationship, and transition; and, breath, emphasis, and pressure. (1 Hr. 28 Mins.)

Anthony James Minister, Author, Doctor, Teacher and Diplomat is currently Director of Education and Pastoral Clinical, Medical services of the largest, oldest continuously operating Indigenous Traditional Thai Yoga and Traditional Thai Massage Certification program in the US located at the Thai Yoga Center in Brooksville, FL. The Thai Yoga Center is an out reach program of the NAtive American Indigenous Church (NAIC). For access to free SomaVeda educational materials to suppliment your purchase LIKE our Learn Thai Yoga FaceBook FanPage!

Basic Thai Table Video
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