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  • Korosot Chakra Astrology

    Korosot Chakra Astrology: Psychology of Chakras for Yoga Therapy

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    Korosot Chakra Astrology: Psychology of Chakras for Yoga Therapy. The eclectic and comprehensive introduction to the SomaVeda Integrative Traditional Therapies® Korosot Chakra Astrology method and The psychology of Chakras in human development and classification of Korosot Chakra Body Types. Combining understanding derived from Classical Indian and Thai Vedic Astrology, Medical Astrology and Western psychological principle. After ten years of intensive research and development Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James presents the long awaited Korosot Chakra Astrology textbook.
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  • Chakra Astrology Poster

    The Chakra Poster

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    Illustrated ultimate Chakra Poster, an exhaustive reference chart for Chakra system with 52 different correlations for each Chakra! Used for SomaVeda® Thai Yoga and Ayurveda assessment and Chakra Korosot Astrology.
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Showing all 2 results