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  • Himalaya Triphala, 60 Tab Bottle

    Himalaya Organic Triphala 60 Caplets for Colon Cleanse 688mg, 2 Month Supply


    Three Fruits for Detox and Digestion

    For centuries, the three combined fruits of Triphala – Amla, Belleric Myrobalan and Chebulic Myrobalan, also known as Harataki and Vibitakhi, have been used as a daily digestive aid and for gentle colon cleansing and detox.

    • Helps with occasional bloating, helps you cleanse and provides digestive regularity
    • Triphala provides a gentle colon cleanse and detox action for occasional constipation
    • Tones your intestines to remove stagnant waste
    • An ancient combination of three cleansing fruits, handed down for thousands of years
    • Use as directed for gentle relief and support
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