Genuine Full Size Thai Mats for Thai Yoga and Thai Massage

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Original and Official SomaVeda® and NAIC, Inc. Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Mats. These are the original and very best! 80 inches by 60 inches by 3 inches!


Genuine Full Size Thai Mats for Thai Yoga and Thai Massage

Add authenticity to your Thai practice! We custom design and hand build these incredible massage mats to conform to our practice standards for professional practitioners and students of Authentic Thai Traditional Medical Massage. They are large enough to completely contain both you and you client while doing Thai Yoga Style Body Work. They fold up for easy storage. All natural materials are built to last. This is the professional addition that your practice needs. Perfect for Meditation and sharing any healing art.

Our 100 percent Cotton Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage Mat is a traditional futon-style cotton batting mat. This handcrafted Thai Massage Mat creates the ideal, nurturing environment for body and breath work. Mat is wide enough to for stretching out comfortably, and is thick and soft enough for ample cushioning. Cover is durable cotton twill that can be removed for cool water wash and damp dry. Our Thai Massage Mat includes a fabric strap and is made to order.

Note: Our Genuine Thai Mats are made from 100% Cotton. Cotton Mats are not guaranteed to be allergy free etc. Natural products like cotton are commonly treated for molds and mildew etc. This includes so called “organic” cotton products. Therefore cotton products cannot be made “hypo-allergenic”. If you have severe or restrictive allergies purchase only products advertised as Hypo-Allergenic.

Sale Price! $235.95 plus freight to you (Avg. $39.00 to $48.00) Available cover colors: Black, Terracotta, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Royal Bue, Navy, Burgundy, Forrest Green, Natural Un-Bleached, Natural Green, Sage, Purple, Now Available!!

Please note: as all available colors are manufactured with natural based vegetable dyes, there is some slight variation in exact color from mat to mat.

Important! After you order, contact us to choose color and to arrange payment for freight at CONTACT, Shipping and freight options are additional and not included in price. We cannot complete your order without a shipping estimate!

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 3 in


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