Pranavaha Srotas Balance

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  • Dasamoolarishtam

    Kerala Ayurveda Dasamoolarishtam, 450 ml



    Dasamoolaristam is a recipe from the Vedic text, ‘Sarngadhara Samhita’ known for balancing both Vata dosha and Pranavaha srotas as well as helps support balanced digestion (Agni) and optimal vitality (Ojas). This Ayurvedic formulation helps healthy digestion, balanced energy and maintains healthy respiration.* KEY FEATURES
    • 100% Natural and derived from the ancient vedic text ‘Sarngadhara Samhita’ *
    • Helps maintain balanced energy and digestion*
    • Digestive and colon support*
    • Helps maintains healthy respiration and heart function *
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