Health Mach for Home Low Noise



Health Mach for Home Low Noise


Continuous Safety Intelligent ①-⑦ Low-Noise 02 Maker for home

  • ?【Easy to use】:intelligent touch control with high-definition touch screen & Remote control make it convenient for all kinds of people. It
  • ?【Low Noise】Less than 45 db when running, more quiet and comfortable in sleep mode.
  • ?【Stable and safe】: 24 hours of continuous operation, 3000 hours of continuous work without failure, equipped with an intelligent failure alarm system, safe and secure.
  • ?【Humidification function】:The machine has a built-in humidifier, adding pure water to make breathing more moisturized.
  • ?【Concentration adjustable】flow adjustment range: 1-7L, it can meet the needs of different groups of people

Several different ways to use! Use with Mask, Nasal Canula, or with Bag Insufation. Durable and reliable. Comes with remote control. Use as a stand alone Oxygen Concentrater or in conjunction with other types of modalities and adjunct therapies. Use your imagination.


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