Jesus In My Practice: Bringing the Questions of Jesus to My Movement, My Meditation & My Mat



Jesus In My Practice: Bringing the Questions of Jesus to My Movement, My Meditation & My Mat Paperback – November 12, 2021

For those who practice meditation, yoga, martial arts, mindful movement, and dance:
If Jesus were your Ajahn, swami, sifu, sensei, or master, what might he teach you?The person in the role of “Master Teacher” has many names in various practices of movement and meditation. In yoga, this person is a Guru or Swami. In Tai Chi, it is Taijiquan, and in Qi Gong, they might be called Master or Sifu. In classical dance, they might be called a Ballet Master. In Japanese martial arts, Sensei is commonly used. In Buddhist meditation, one might be called Ajahn. And though they go by many names, they all serve the role of teacher and guide. The person sitting under the teaching of this master might be called a student, trainee, disciple, devotee, or follower. They are there to learn not only the practice of movement or meditation but also the philosophy of that practice as a way of life or “being” in this world.So… what does Jesus have to teach us as a Rabbi or Master Teacher in our current time, culture, and setting? What can we learn from the questions Jesus asked as he and his friends journeyed the dry, arid lands surrounding Jerusalem? What does it look like to explore the teachings of Jesus to live a richer, fuller, more embodied life of grace in harmony with others? A life that does not seek to cause harm to others? A life lived from a place of love rather than judgment? More pointedly: How can we bring these questions of Jesus to our “mats” — our studios, our meditation rooms, our sacred spaces — in our own movement and meditation practices? And how do those questions inform our lives?In this volume, author, yoga therapist, and embodied spiritual director Jody Thomae examines the questions Jesus asked in the gospel books of the Bible in his role as Rabbi (“teacher”), with a lens towards embodied curiosity and deeper spiritual discovery, for people of all religions and belief systems. Whether you’ve attended church all your life or never stepped foot in one… whether you think Jesus a prophet, a teacher, or a savior.. whether you are a scholar of Jesus or simply curious about the things he taught while he journeyed this earth… All are welcomed to the table to learn from one of the most creative teachers of history.Each question of Jesus is explored through a brief summary and explanation of its context, relevant cultural notes, thoughts to ruminate as you consider the question, ideas for your practice of mindful movement, short breath prayer and poem, and songs to accompany your movement practice if desired. It also includes white space and journal prompts to write about your experience.

Get ready to meet Jesus in a new, different, and embodied way!


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